See With Your Heart

There are amazing people in this world.  Some of these amazing people don’t look like you, talk like you, and may not even have the same beliefs as you, but you will never know how amazing they are because your eyes tell you one of two things:

1) Either you are too good to bother with them, or

2) You don’t measure enough to bother them and their time

I have entertained those thoughts many times and now wonder how many opportunities, friendships, inspirations, etc. did I miss out on?  Who could I have blessed?  Who could have possibly been a blessing to me?

In the days ahead my friends, don’t listen to your eyes, instead see with your heart and begin to reach out a little more to people.  Even if you start with just saying a simple hello to someone that you would otherwise not acknowledge.  Safety first and use good common sense!  As much as there are good people in the world there are also those who really do have bad intentions and will harm you.  It is those people that often cause other to “shell up” and not bother much with the world, but this is also no way to live and enjoy life.

See with your heart!

Peace – Helen